Leaking Sinks And Plumbing Problems: 3 Tricks To Prevent Water Damage Beneath Sinks

The sinks in your home are plumbing installations that you use frequently, which also means that they are more likely to leaks. When the leaks beneath sinks go unrepaired, they can lead to more serious trouble, such as water damage and mold in your home. Here are a few tricks that will help you prevent water damage due to leaks beneath sinks:

1. Have Accessible Plumbing Traps Installed Beneath Sinks

Accessible plumbing traps are a great improvement to plumbing that will allow you to quickly access clogged pipes or repair a simple leak. If you have the screw type traps, you will want to make sure that you have the correct seals and gaskets to fix any leaks.  You may also want to install access panels for other plumbing traps in your home, such as for tubs or showers. The access will make it easier to find leaks and get the repairs done before they cause damage to your home.

2. Use Waterproof Liner Around Wood Materials and Cabinets

If you want to prevent water damage beneath the sinks in your home, one simple solution is to simply place waterproof materials beneath any pipe installations. You can get mats that are specially designed to be installed beneath sinks for this purpose. In addition, make sure that space beneath sinks allows water to drain out if there is a leak. If you want, you can install an impermeable liner using EPDM waterproofing materials, like what is used for pond liners and commercial flat roofs. The liner will ensure that there is no way for water to get in behind cabinets and woodwork in your home.

3. Insulate Lines to Protect Against Leaks During Winter Weather

During the winter months, one of the biggest risks to your plumbing is freezing temperatures. As the weather gets colder, your pipes are at risk of leaks or leaks when hard freezes come. Make sure that the plumbing is well-insulated to prevent leaks beneath sinks and other areas of your home. Pipes beneath sinks are often exposed to cold drafts, which is why it is important to insulate the lines, as well as any penetrations in walls where the cold water can come in.

These are tips that will help prevent water damage problems due to the leaks beneath your sink. Contact a plumbing contractor, such as from Doctor Fix-It, if you have leaks beneath the sink that are more than you can handle on your own.