Want to Charge Higher Rent on Your Rental? Hire a Plumber to Add Convenient Features

Managing a rental for a long time means you will have likely made rent increases over the years, but this typically comes from inflation. It is possible to increase your rent by improving the value of your rental. It is not a straightforward process because there are so many options that you have to choose from.

If you want to hire one professional to minimize costs while still being able to increase rent in the end, you can bring a plumber on board and make it a priority to provide new and convenient features to renters.

Luxurious Shower Head

An excellent example is the shower head, which is a rather simple project to undertake. While some tenants may think that they can switch the shower head without a problem, you may not approve. It makes sense because you do not know if the one they want to install will save energy or cost more. Some high-flow shower heads may provide an amazing shower experience but rack up the water bill. It is better to purchase and install a luxurious shower head that also has great water efficiency to save you money.

Garbage Disposal

Keeping an eye on everything that goes down the kitchen drain is not fun. So, you should not hesitate to install a garbage disposal because this will make it so much easier for tenants to prepare and cook food.

Parents will feel confident letting their kids help knowing that they may not know the unspoken rules. It will also make meal cleanup a lot easier and faster by just turning on the garbage disposal. You will want to include a guide to using a garbage disposal with the tenant lease papers because they may not be familiar with the things that you can and cannot put into it, so providing this information is ideal.


When you think of a dishwasher, you may think of a large and luxurious model. But, you do not need to add an appliance with these features to enjoy the benefits that a dishwasher provides in a rental. All it takes is sacrificing a small amount of cabinet space to get a dishwasher built into the kitchen. It may increase water and electricity costs by a bit, but the rent increase will easily outweigh them.

Providing more than just the basics to tenants with these convenient features makes it worth hiring a plumber to work on these projects as soon as there is a vacancy in your rental. To learn more about upgrading or adding these features, go to sites run by plumbing services.