Noticing Your Energy Bill Climbing In The Past Few Winters? Inspect The Heating System

Spring and summer may be a time that you look forward to because you have low energy bills. Living in an area that does not get outrageously warm during the summer months may mean you do not have an air conditioning system or that you only have to use it on occasion during the hottest days. But, you may be used to spending a decent amount of money throughout wintertime to keep your home comfortable. It is beneficial to take note of how much you have been spending throughout the years. If you just started doing this and have noticed your winter energy bill continuously increasing over the past few years, you should make it a priority to hire a heating contractor to give your heating system a thorough inspection.

Check Where the Pests Come From

One way that your heating system can stop working as efficiently is when there are holes or cracks. A pest such as a rat, mouse, or cockroach may have torn through part of the ductwork. The easiest way to come up with an accurate prediction of where the hole might be is to figure out where the pests come from. It will give you a lead that you can tell to a heating contractor to possibly save time and money.

Inspect Vents for Colder Air

If you have noticed some rooms in the house not getting as warm as the others, there may be an issue with the warm air not being able to reach the affected room. This usually happens when there is a serious ductwork issue that allows all the warm air to seep out before it makes it to the exit vent. Bringing this up to a professional will make it a lot easier for them to figure out and problem and find a resolution.

Fix Ductwork Issues

In some cases, the ductwork in your home may not have been put together that well. An example is duct tape being used as the main sealant throughout the entire home when there are better options. Mastic is one of the best ways to seal the ductwork and minimize the chance of cracks opening up. Requesting that your heating contractor use this sealant is essential if you want to avoid problems in the future.

A detailed look at your heating system should provide you with an answer about the increased costs, which you can then follow up by having the heating professional from a company like Bill Rhiner's Plumbing, Heating & Cooling fix the problem.