Four Tricks To Clean Your Drains Fast

There are times when an unexpected clog can really put a damper on your day and you simply don't have time to get the clog fixed by a plumber either because you are running late for work, you have guests coming over, or you're going out of town. Typically, clogs can be fixed fairly quickly with a few temporary fixes. Here are four of those tricks:

Hot Water: The first trick is to simply pour hot water down the drain since hot water can sometimes break up anything that is causing a blockage and thus clear the drains. However, you should not do this if the toilet, sink, or bath is so full of water from the clog that if you add more water, it will overflow and possibly cause water damage to your home. You can also combine this method with vinegar and baking soda. Put a cup of each in the drains and then follow with the hot water. The reaction of the vinegar and baking soda can help break up clogs and then it can be completely flushed with the help of hot water. 

Use a Plunger: This may seem obvious, but the importance of having a plunger in the home cannot be emphasized enough. Often, homeowners don't know how to use plungers in the right way and so the attempt to fix the problem with a plunger becomes void. To use a plunger, you want to cover the drain completely and use slight pressure to pump up and down for a minute or two before releasing. Excessive force and speed will not work because it will likely release too much air and prevent the best seal.

Use a Drain Snake: You can also use a drain snake, which is going to be more effective if the plunger hasn't worked after a few times. The snake will reach a deeper clog and help break it up completely. You can even use a wire coat hanger to snake your way into the drain to break up a clog. 

Soda: Finally, you can even attempt to use soda. It works similarly to the vinegar and baking soda reaction mentioned above, but you probably won't need the help of hot water. The agents in sugary sodas simply help dissolve clogs. 

Keep in mind that these are only temporary quick fixes, especially if the clog continues to return. If the clog continues to return, you want to hire professionals from a company like All County Rooter LLC.