3 Health Reasons To Invest In A Home Water Treatment System

Did you know that about 60% of your body is made up of water? Because you lose that water through sweating and other means, it's necessary to drink water in order to keep your body hydrated. While not all health professionals agree on exactly how much water you need to drink each day, it can be agreed upon that you do need to drink water in order to stay healthy. Unfortunately, however, not all water is safe to drink.

If you drink water straight from your tap, you should consider investing in a home water treatment system. Here are three health reasons that this is a good idea.

Remove Fluoride From Your Water

If you want to remove fluoride from your water, you may need to invest in a particular type of water treatment system that will remove this particular mineral. Doing so could help alleviate the following types of health issues that can be caused by fluoride:

  • A type of brain damage called developmental neurotoxicity
  • An underactive thyroid
  • Symptoms relating to arthritis
  • Increased instances of hip fractures in seniors
  • Disruptions in the reproductive system

While there are some countries that have banned the use of fluoride in drinking water, other countries, such as the United States have not. If you want to take matters into your own hands, you can install a water treatment system that will remove fluoride for you.

Avoid Certain Stomach Illnesses

Some contaminants in drinking water have been known to cause certain types of stomach illnesses. In fact, one particular study states that tainted drinking water causes illness for over 1 million people a year. This is largely due to contaminants that are picked up as water travels through underground pipes that lead directly to the tap in your kitchen sink.

Besides old plumbing, sometimes groundwater isn't properly treated so that drinking water ends up containing certain bacteria like E. coli, which can cause serious stomach issues.

Reduce Your Risk of Certain Types of Cancer

Drinking water that contains certain chemicals has been linked to various kinds of cancer. According to one statistic, drinking water in the United States contains 93 contaminants known to cause cancer. Some of these contaminants include:

  • 1,4 Dioxane
  • Arsenic
  • Chromium-6
  • Disinfection byproducts
  • Nitrate

These contaminants have been linked to a variety of types of cancers including cancer of the kidney, liver, gallbladder, lungs, stomach, intestines, ovaries, and colon. Disinfection byproducts have also been linked to poor fetal development.

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