Plumbing Problems At An Apartment Complex

Have you received complaints from numerous residents at your apartment complex about sewage problems and discoloration on the drywall? If the problems are not resolved promptly, you can find yourself in a big lawsuit and a lot of vacant apartment homes. Based on the complaints from residents, you might be dealing with a large plumbing problem. You need prompt assistance from a full-service plumbing company to pinpoint and repair all of the problems before they become more serious. This article explains some of the services that a plumber can perform to bring the problem under control.

Walk Around the Apartment Units to Detect Leaks

A plumber can walk around each apartment unit in your complex to figure out if there are any water leaks. The discoloration of drywall that the residents have been complaining about is likely from water leaking. Detecting the leaks is easy for a plumber because special equipment will be used for the task. Basically, the leak detection equipment works by picking up sound waves that are in the walls and ceilings in each unit. The sound waves will show up on the equipment in a unique way if there is any water present to be concerned about. 

View the Inside of All Plumbing Lines

Sewage problems is usually a sign of something being wrong with plumbing lines that requires prompt attention. The first step to diagnosing the problem would be for the plumber to look inside the plumbing lines to find problems. He or she will use a camera to look into the lines, which will involve sending the device into various drains throughout the complex. The main sewer line to your complex will also be looked at in case it is clogged up with debris or tree roots. A sewer camera can let the plumber know exactly what's wrong with the resident's apartment.

Make Repairs & Clean Out the Plumbing System

If any leaks are found, the plumber will make the necessary repairs. He or she might have to replace some of the plumbing lines if patching them up is unable to be done. If the main sewer line is severely damaged, excavation might be necessary so the plumber can gain access to it. Excavation is usually only done when there is a high chance that the main sewer line must be replaced. The plumber can also clean out all of the lines so the system will function better for your residents.