Have Your Toilets Stopped Draining And Flushing? Call An Emergency Plumber To Prevent These Problems

If you have been trying to flush your toilets and first the water seemed slow going down, and now the water isn't going down at all and you fear it will flood, call an emergency plumber right away. If you end up with urine or sewage in your home, this is a severe problem and can be very dangerous. Here are some of the problems that could be causing the water to sit or overflow, and things that the plumber can do to fix the issues.

Blocked Plumbing Vents

Air has to circulate through the plumbing ventilation pipes in order for gravity to pull the waste in the toilet down through the septic pipes. If the piping vents that spout out at the top of the roof are blocked or are having problems, this could be causing the water to sit in the toilets when it is supposed to flow and could be causing problems with drainage all throughout the house.

Clogged Pipes

If there is a clog somewhere in the pipelines that is preventing sewage from getting out of the home, the water may be backed up all the way to the toilets. This will prevent the water from going down, and then will start causing the toilet to overflow. If the toilet hasn't started overflowing yet, call an emergency plumber and get them to the property before water ends up on your floor and around the home.

Broken Toilet

The problem could be that the toilet has some internal problems. If you take the lid off the toilet and you can see that the water isn't draining, then you want to call a plumber to come and fix the damaged part. The plumber may have to repair or replace some of the internal features of the toilet but this is worth the cost if you don't want flooding problems.

You don't want to risk having sewage flood around your home, because this could cost a lot of money and take a lot of time to clean. This is especially true if the water gets into vents and drywall around the home. If your toilets aren't flushing at all, running water from a sink or draining an appliance could cause an overflow. Call an emergency plumber right away to get to your property to see what the cause is, and so you can prevent a flood before it actually happens. Go to site to learn more.