Home Plumbing Advice That Matters

When it comes to home maintenance, you want to put a lot of attention toward keeping an eye on your plumbing system and other areas where water damage may be an issue. While the plumbing can be a great place to start with regards to preventing water damage, there are other areas of concern as well. This article will provide you with some helpful information on various areas to put your attention toward to avoid a variety of issues you'll want to avoid.

Don't ignore your sump pump – If your home has a sump pump, then it is there for a reason. While it can be easy to assume it is working and everything is covered, you don't want to forget about the sump pump completely. It should be checked on regularly, or you just may find yourself coming home one day to a big mess of water in your house that was completely avoidable, had the pump been working. Take a few moments a couple of times a year to dump water into the basin to ensure it is working how it is supposed to.

Make sure the water pressure is right – If your water pressure is too low, then you can have a lot of problems doing regular chores and even taking a proper shower. If your water pressure is too high, then it can cause a lot of other problems, such as forcing so much water into your appliances that it causes damage to them. Plus, it is also harder on the entire plumbing system, and it will increase the amount you pay on your water bill. A plumber can come out and check the water pressure for you. More good news is, improving the water pressure is something that's easy for them to take care of for you.

Make sure the weep holes in your window wills are free of debris – Your windows are designed with weep holes along the exterior of the frames that causes rainwater to drain away from the frames channel. These holes can get small bits of debris in them that clogs them up. When this happens, you can end up with rain water coming into your house and doing water damage to the walls, flooring, and other areas of the home. You can test the weep holes by pouring some water into the track and looking to make sure you see water coming out the holes. If you don't, then you want to clean them out by using a can of compressed air.

Have a home water treatment system installed – If the water in your area is questionable, then you should have a home water treatment system installed. This will be beneficial to everyone in the family, as it allows all of you to drink the water while knowing that it is good for you. You also won't have to worry about the water your pets are drinking or even the condition of the water you are cooking with, brushing your teeth with, and even showering in.

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