Remodeling Your Bathroom? 3 Trends You Should Consider

Remodeling your bathroom is a fantastic way to improve the value of your property while also enhancing your everyday space. While you will likely need to hire a professional plumber to assist you with the remodel—or fully handle the remodel—you will also want to take into consideration some of the current trends that you make want to make use of in your remodel project to ensure your bathroom is more functional, sophisticated, and beautiful. For your upcoming project, here are three trends to consider.

Trend #1: Natural Elements

Though the majority of your time is not spent in the bathroom, when you do spend time in the bathroom, you want to be able to relax. This space needs to be peaceful and soothing, so what better way to make it like this than to create a spa-like oasis with natural elements. For the floor, you can easily create a serene ambiance with bamboo or natural stone tiles. Consider using stone countertops and wood cabinetry to attain that calm state of mind that you will want in the mornings and evenings before and after work.

Trend #2: Gold and Brass Fixtures

For a sophisticated and tailored appearance in your bathroom, opt for gold and brass fixtures instead of silver or nickel. Gold is a very high-end finish and can easily be incorporated in faucets, showerheads, and even mirror frames. Gold is perfect for more sophisticated, elegant designs. On the other hand, brass is more earthy and can be incorporated in cabinet handles, faucets, and towel holders. Brass is perfect for a farmhouse-inspired space.

Trend #3: Technology

Modern trends, whether in the bathroom or elsewhere, are all about technology, so you can't forget to at least consider incorporating technology into your bathroom. If you love listening to music while you are getting for work in the morning or while relaxing in a warm bubble bath, then consider installing a docking station and speakers in the bathroom. To improve the comfort of your bathroom during the winter, you should also consider installing underfloor heating. If you really want to go all out, you can even install a small wall-mounted TV to keep up with the news while you're getting ready in the mornings or watch your favorite TV show while in the bath in the evenings.

Remodeling a bathroom is not something that is recommended to do on your own. Contact a professional plumber in your area for assistance and even for recommendations.