What Homeowners Need To Know About Slab Leaks

It is often necessary to install plumbing lines under slabs of concrete. While this can be an effective place to put the plumbing, it can put homeowners in a position of finding it difficult to address any plumbing leaks that might develop under the slab.

Why Is A Slab Leak A Serious Problem?

Some homeowners will assume that a minor leak under a slab will not be a very serious problem. This is often due to the belief that the slab will keep the leak contained so that it will be unable to cause damage. However, the exact opposite can be true, as the slab will make it harder to notice these leaks. As a result, there can be long delays before repairs are made, which can lead to the pavement cracking and the soil under it eroding. In addition to these structural damages, a slab leak can dramatically increase the water that is used by a home, which can lead to higher water bills. During times of drought, this can also make it easier to exceed any water restrictions that are in place, and this may lead to expensive fines.

Is It Hard To Find A Slab Leak?

The fact that the leak is covered by a slab of concrete can make it difficult for a homeowner to know exactly where the leak is occurring. There can be some instances where the leak may provide warning signs, such as water spots, puddles, or running water near the edge of the slab. However, there are plumbing professionals that have the tools and equipment needed to be able to quickly and accurately isolate the location where the leak is occurring. These professionals will utilize a series of sensors to allow them to know the exact location of the leak.

Will The Entire Paved Surface Need To Be Destroyed To Repair The Leak?

When plumbing under a slab of concrete develops a leak, a homeowner might think that they will need to have the entire slab destroyed in order to be able to repair the plumbing leak. Fortunately, there are often techniques and options available that can allow for the leak to be repaired with minimal damage to the slab. For example, it may be possible to excavate near the edge of the pavement so that the damaged plumbing can be reached. Also, concrete sawing services will be able to make a small incision in the pavement that will allow for the damaged section of the plumbing to be reached. Once the repairs are complete, this section of the pavement can be patched.

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