Should You Replace Aging Copper Pipes with PEX? 4 Potential Benefits for Homeowners

Copper plumbing pipes were once the standard in home construction and many homes today still have some or all of their original copper piping. However, as copper pipes get older, pinches, leaks, and splits can form that put the home at risk for water damage or interfere with water pressure in the home. 

While it is possible to replace damaged sections of copper piping, the process is complicated and involves flaring, threading, and soldering to achieve a leak-free connection between the old and new pipe. Homeowners who have concerns about the condition of their aging copper pipe may want to consider replacing their copper pipes with cross-linked polyethylene flexible tubing, commonly referred to as PEX. 

If you are wondering if replacing copper pipes with PEX would be a good idea for your home, here are some potential benefits you could enjoy by doing so. 

1. No risk of corrosion

Copper and other types of metal plumbing pipes are all susceptible to corrosion. As time passes, the constant flow of water eventually causes the pipe walls to deteriorate. These weakened areas then become much more susceptible to the formation of leaks and splits. PEX, however, is not metal and therefore, does not fall victim to corrosion. 

2. Fewer joints and connections

Because copper pipes are rigid, they are unable to curve and bend around obstacles. Instead, copper pipes are installed with a soldered joint at each point where a change of direction is needed. In addition to being time-consuming to install, these soldered areas may be more at risk for leak formation than areas of uninterrupted pipe. 

PEX is flexible and capable of curving and changing direction without installing joints and connections that could increase the opportunity for leaks to occur. 

3. Better able to handle cold temperatures

Another benefit found in replacing existing copper plumbing lines with PEX is its improved ability to withstand cold temperatures. Copper lines that are exposed to freezing temperatures often freeze and split as the water inside expands and turns to ice. Because PEX is designed to be more flexible than metal pipes, it is much less apt to be damaged by the expansion water during the freezing process. 

4. Costs less and takes less time to install

PEX is also much less expensive to purchase and usually takes far less time to install. Homeowners who want to learn more about PEX should click here for more info and take time to discuss their concerns with a reputable plumbing contractor in their area.