Your Well Pump: Is It Time To Repair Or Replace The Unit?

A well pump should last for several years on your property with regular use and care; up to 25 years or so. The lifespan of a well pump varies depending on how large the unit is, the type of well pump being used, and other factors.

The best way to keep your well pump in great condition is to recognize when the pump is in need of repairs. If your pump is old enough, it may need to be replaced. Here are signs your well pump is in need of professional care. Never attempt to treat your well or prime your well pump on your own as you risk personal injury and damage to the unit. Always allow your well repair specialist to do the work on your well pump.

Your well pump is running dry

If your well pump is in need of priming and is running dry, the unit can operate loudly and will allow little to no water to run through your water lines. A well pump that runs dry can actually burn out, so call your well pump specialist and turn the well pump off as soon as you notice a lack of water, lower water pressure, or other signs that your well is running low.

Your well pump specialist will make repairs to your well pump to make sure it's not damaged from running dry and may reposition the unit if your well's water level is running low. If your well pump refuses to prime or is burned out, replacement may be cheaper and more beneficial than repairs.

Your well pump is too small for your home

A well pump should have enough horsepower to let water flow with high enough pressure in your home. If some parts of your home have great water pressure but other areas of the home don't, then a too-small well pump may be to blame. Putting a stronger and more powerful well pump in your home's private well system can help you get the most out of your water supply.

Failure to use the right size of well pump for your well can result in lackluster water supply and a worn-out system. Your well repair specialist will show you various models of well pumps that can meet your current water flow needs.

You should have your home's well pump inspected regularly as instructed by your well pump specialist. This way, well pump repairs can be made before problems become more severe.

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