4 Things To Know About Hydro Jet Pipe Cleaning

If your plumbing is clogged with tree roots or buildup inside the pipe, the pipe may not clear with plunging or using a drain snake. Your plumber may need to bring in a hydro jet to blast away the clog and clean the inside of the pipe. Here are some things to know about cleaning your plumbing with a hydro jet.

1. Hydro Jetting Is Safe For Normal Pipes

If your home is fairly new, it may have plastic pipes. These pipes can withstand hydro jet pipe cleaning without any difficulty. If your plumbing is several decades old and has metal pipes that are corroded and near the end of their lifespans, then the pipes may need to be replaced rather than cleaned out.

Your plumber can tell if your pipes are safe for hydro jetting by running a camera down the pipe first. As long as your pipes are in good shape, then using a hydro jet is safe, especially when controlled by an experienced plumber.

2. Hydro Jet Cleaning Uses Pressurized Water

A hydro jet system consists of a long hose that can be moved through a plumbing pipe, a spray nozzle, a water tank, and a pressurizing mechanism. The nozzle sprays out pressurized water from the tank in a manner similar to how a pressure washer works.

The equipment is bulky, but the plumber may not need to place it inside your home. The plumber will try to work through a cleanout access port outside.

3. Hydro Jet Equipment Varies

There are different types of hydro jetting equipment. Your plumber may have a small unit that rolls on wheels to where it is needed, or they may have a trailer- or truck-mounted hydro jet with a much longer hose. Pipes of varying diameter can be hydro jetted, so your plumber can clean out a small household drain, a sewer line, or even a municipal pipe, depending on the equipment they have.

4. Hydro Jet Pipe Cleaning Can Remove Most Clogs

Hydro jetting is an effective way to clear out pipe clogs. This type of pipe cleaning can be used as a type of preventative maintenance to keep pipes clear for restaurants and businesses, or it can be used to blast out tree roots that have taken over a sewer pipe in your yard. The advantage of using a hydro jet is that the pressurized spray reaches all sides of the pipe rather than just punching through the center of a clog. This ensures all traces of roots, grease, clogs, and hard water scale are removed.

To learn more, contact a hydro jet pipe cleaning company.