Energy-Efficient Improvements to Discuss with Heating Contractors About Before Winter

The winter weather is on its way, and it is time to start thinking about the heating in your home. Before the weather gets too cold, improvements can be a good investment to reduce your energy costs this winter. A heating contractor can help you with the improvements that need to be done. Energy-efficient improvements that you can talk with a heating contractor about include:

Zoned Heating and Modern Thermostat Upgrades

One of the first heating upgrades that you will want to consider for your home before winter is a zoned system. The zoned system will provide heating to the coldest areas of your home when it is needed, and not waste energy heating areas where it is not needed. The thermostat should also be updated, and with a zoned system, you can have separate controls for different areas of your home.

Modern Radiant Heating with an Efficient Boiler

Another upgrade that you may want to consider for your home is a modern radiant heating system. Today, there are options like in-floor heating systems that can provide your home with more efficient heating. In addition, there are also options for energy-efficient boilers, which can use alternative fuels and renewable energy to heat your home.

Solar Water Heaters and Renewables for Heating

The heating in your home can also have renewable energy systems integrated into the design. Solar water heaters are one of the options that you will want to consider for energy improvements to your heating system. The system can be connected to heat exchange in central HVAC systems or provide thermal energy to the boiler of a radiant heating system. Solar panels can be another good option to add renewable energy to your heating system before winter.

Upgrades for Ductwork and Blower for Efficient Heating

There are also options to upgrade blowers, ducts, and air handlers. These improvements will help make your heating more energy efficient and reduce your winter heating costs. First, you will want to talk to the heating contractor about upgrading the blower motor with a more efficient model. You can also talk to them about upgrades to the ductwork and air handler for more efficient airflow with your heating and air conditioning.

The right improvements before winter will ensure you do not have any problems keeping your home warm. If you want to update your heating, visit websites like to contact a heating contractor to make an appointment.