4 Reasons Your Home’s Water May Stop Working

Most people would find it alarming if they wanted to use the water in their homes and it would not come on. This may prompt checking all plumbing fixtures in an effort to determine if it is an issue in the whole house. Asking neighbors might be another reaction to this phenomenon. Numerous things can contribute to water abruptly stopping. Sometimes homeowners may notice low pressure before finally experiencing a complete water loss. The following points identify the potential causes of this inconvenience, which will likely require a plumber to remedy.

Missed Service Announcement

If you have an automatic bill payment schedule or paperless billing for your water services, you may have missed out on an announcement for temporary service interruption. This can happen in municipalities when repairs or servicing related to the water supply in municipalities needs to be done.  

Emergency Municipal Disruption

It is possible for a main water line to get damaged. The compromised line can result in tremendous amounts of lost water. Municipalities can interrupt the water flow to the affected line(s) until repairs are made. This usually does not result in a total cutoff for all homes and businesses, but your neighbors and nearby businesses and neighborhoods might experience an outage if you do. This is why it is a wise idea to inquire with others when you notice that you have a complete loss of water. 

Pipe Issues

Sometimes pipe leaks may go undetected, and the first sign of an issue is the loss of water or low pressure in the whole home or certain locations. Pipe corrosion is a common culprit for pipe leaks, but other things such as tree roots growing inside of pipes can also result in broken pipes. 

Safety Feature Protection

Some water main lines in homes have safety features that offer a layer of protection against water damage. These mechanisms activate when abnormal water flow is detected. This is why it is a good idea to check the water main line if you know where it is located. Plumbers can inspect to determine where potential leaks or other issues that trigger this response are located.

A plumber is a good resource to use to inspect issues such as low water pressure or no running water. They can take aggressive measures to minimize potential property damages. Locating problematic areas of plumbing systems can be complex and individuals who try to remedy the issue on their own may face costly consequences such as water damage. 

For more information about hiring a plumber to figure out why your water stopped working, contact a local plumbing company.