Three Reasons To Use A Licensed Plumber To Install A New Gas Water Heater

If you are at the point where you need to replace your water heater, you need to call a professional plumber to do the installation. There are a number of reasons this is important, especially if you are a homeowner who tries to save money by doing your own home projects or simply one that enjoys doing this type of work. However, it is best to leave a water heater installation to a licensed plumber. The following are a few reasons for this.

You will avoid making bad mistakes

There are more ways to improperly install a water heater than you might think. Assuming you have purchased the proper water heater, you will need to inspect all the hardware that is a part of the old system. It may be a case where you will need to replace an old ignition switch or another component of the water heater system. But the biggest mistake is not testing the water heater for its proper function. This includes the venting of the gas water heater. Over time, this can degrade and may need to be repaired during a new installation.

You may need a permit

A licensed plumber routinely gets permits for various plumbing work, and they also routinely have their work inspected and passed. Unless you are well versed in the local building coded for your area, you are not likely to know all the requirements that are needed for a new water heater. These regulations could have changed since your old water heater was installed. Older water heaters are often grandfathered into the new rules, but when you go to install a new one, your ignorance of these new rules could mean you fail an inspection, or you have created a hazard to your house.

Your homeowners policy may require it

Because there are many dangers to the proper installation of a gas water heater, you may need to have a licensed plumber do the work in the first place. Perhaps you can brush up on all the building codes and regulations, then get everything inspected, so everything is approved, but this may not be enough. If there is an issue that leads to damage to your house and you need to file a claim, as long as you used a licensed plumber, you will be in a good position to have an insurance claim approved.

If you need a new gas water heater, you should let a professional, licensed plumber do the work. The chances of improper installation are minimal, and they will know all the latest building codes, can get permits, and pass any required inspections. If there is a problem after the installation that leads to damage to your home, your insurance policy will cover it because you used a licensed plumber.