Issues With Your Plumbing? What You Can Do

When your plumbing isn't working well, it could give you all types of issues. You may have a slow flow of water coming in, you may have a backup of water or sewer, or you could have slow drainage. You may even have a clog in your pipes if your plumbing is having issues. If you are having problems with your plumbing, there are things you can do to repair this issue. Read on for a few tips to get your plumbing in good shape and working as it should again.

Watch What Goes Down Your Drains

Keep an eye on what is being put down your drains. If you have issues with your plumbing clogging often, you may have sensitive drains. You need to be sure you are using one-ply toilet paper in your toilets, and you should never flush anything else down your toilets. Feminine products, thick toilet paper, flushable wipes and other types of wipes should never be flushed down your toilets. Just because something says it's flushable doesn't mean your toilet can handle it, so if you have a sensitive toilet, don't flush these types of products. Other things in your drains can also lead to clogs, especially if your drains are sensitive. Keep grease, oil and paint out of your drains, and switch to body wash instead of bar soap to help prevent clogs.

Keep Drain Stops In Place

Make sure the drain stops are in place in the drains of your sinks and tubs. They can prevent food pieces from getting into the drain or other things from getting into your sink. Be sure these drain stops are in place always. If you have any missing or any that are broken or not doing their job properly, replace them. You can find replacement drain stops at your local hardware store.

Call A Plumber

If you are constantly having issues with your plumbing, you should hire a professional plumber to have your plumbing inspected and repaired or even replaced as necessary. If you have a clog in your drain and you aren't able to get the drain cleared out or if you are experiencing issues with a slow flow of your water coming into your home, you need to hire a plumber. 

If you often have issues with your plumbing like clogs, there are things you can do to prevent them and there are things you can do to clear the clogs yourself, but if you constantly have issues, you may have a bigger problem with your plumbing that needs to be taken care of. Call a plumber for help.