Replacing Your Home’s Sewer Line

The sewer line is among the most important parts of your home's plumbing due to its role in transporting wastewater away from the property so that it can be safely treated. As a result of the important role that it serves and the hazardous water that it can transport, problems with the sewer line can represent urgent matters to repair. Often, this repair will involve a complete replacement of the sewer line.

What Are The Indications That A Sewer Line Needs To Be Replaced?

One of the primary indications that the sewer line has suffered major damage will be the formation of a large puddle of standing water near the sewer line. This will occur due to the wastewater inside the sewer line leaking out into the surrounding soil. In addition to the formation of a visible puddle, there may also be strong odors in the area near the damaged portion of the sewer line. Once these warning signs have developed, the sewer line will require urgent repairs to limit the contamination and secondary property damage that the issue causes.

How Much Landscaping Damage Will Occur Due To The Sewer Line Replacement?

While it is unavoidable that portions of the sewer line will need to be excavated, this may not cause as much property damage as you assume. In cases where the damage to the sewer line is minor, trenchless repair may be an option that can be used. However, when a replacement is needed, the contractors may be able to use hydro-excavation and trench-based excavation systems to be as targeted as possible when removing the soil from the area. This will help to limit the effects that this essential repair will have on the surrounding landscaping.

How Long Will The Entire Process Of Replacing The Sewer Line Require?

Sewer line replacements are major projects that will require the plumbing for the home to be turned off until the repairs are completed. This can be extremely disruptive for life in the home, but you will find that the process of replacing a damaged section of the sewer line may not take as long as you assume it will. In many instances, finding the damaged section of the sewer line may actually take longer than the process of replacing it. Once the soil around the sewer line has been excavated, the repair process may only take a matter of hours to complete.

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