3 Features To Look For When Installing New Commercial Faucets

The bathrooms in a commercial building often see a lot more use than any residential bathroom would during the course of a day. The fixtures and pipes in a commercial building must be specifically designed for use in a high-volume setting.

If you are thinking of installing new faucets on the sinks in your commercial bathroom, it's essential that you select faucets that can contribute to the overall safety and efficiency of your building in the future.

1. Ceramic Discs

Faucets are typically equipped with valves that have rubber seals inside. These rubber seals are designed to prevent leaks and ensure that water moves in the right direction.

Modern faucets have started to incorporate valves that have a pair of ceramic discs instead of a rubber seal. The discs move in tandem to create a seal against water leaks.

Since ceramic is a lot more durable than rubber, a faucet with ceramic discs will require fewer repairs and be capable of withstanding extensive use over time. The strength and durability of faucets with ceramic discs make them a great choice for any commercial restroom sink.

2. Motion Activation

The spread of germs should always be a concern in any public restroom facility. The types of faucets that you choose to install in your commercial restroom can have a direct impact on the health and safety of your facilities.

Faucets that are activated via motion instead of requiring the manual turning of a lever can help reduce the transmission of disease.

Your customers will appreciate the fact that they don't have to touch a faucet that has been handled by complete strangers, and your employees will be less likely to fall ill when you opt to invest in motion-activated faucets for your commercial restrooms.

3. High-Efficiency

Competition in today's consumer market is high. Businesses must use every resource at their disposal to ensure they are able to remain solvent. The reduction of overhead expenses is one way that businesses can help bolster their profitability.

Bathroom faucets that are labeled as highly efficient can help you cut your water bill over time.

A highly efficient faucet releases less water per second than a traditional faucet. Anyone using the sink won't notice the reduction in flow, but a significant amount of water will be saved during the course of a day.

High-efficiency faucets can not only reduce your overhead costs but can also contribute to the preservation of valuable water resources as well.

For more information, contact a commercial plumbing service.