Little Plumbing Issues To Look For When You First Move In

So many people move into a home with minor plumbing issues that they don't initially notice. A few years down the line, those plumbing problems become more serious and harder to ignore. Unfortunately, at that point, the problems are more expensive and difficult to fix. There is a way around this trap. When you first move in, check your new home for these small plumbing issues, and contact a plumber if you do notice one or more of them.

Leaky Toilets

Toilets sometimes develop leaks between the tank and the bowl. Water seeps down, a little at a time, into the bowl. This causes your toilet to "turn on" and refill on its own when nobody has recently flushed. A leaky toilet can waste a ton of water over time, and the leak tends to get bigger if ignored. Luckily, a plumber can usually fix this problem by replacing one or more of the small parts in the back of the toilet tank.

Slow Drains

You don't know what the old homeowner put down the drains. They may have rinsed some grease down there, or they might have flushed some items they should not have flushed. This can cause your drains to drain slowly. If water is sitting in a sink or tub, then you have a slow drain. A plumber can come to blast the grime away so your drain begins flowing more freely. This is safer for your pipes than using a chemical drain cleaner, which can erode the pipes over time.

Water Hammer

A water hammer is when your pipes make a banging or booming noise as water goes through them. Sometimes, the banging you hear is the pipes bumping against a wall. Other times, it is the metal or other pipe material expanding or contracting. In either case, this can cause premature wear and tear on your pipes, eventually leading to cracks and leaks.

If you hear water hammer noises in your new home, contact a plumber to fix them. They may have to replace some of the pipes or secure them with some metal strapping.

None of these plumbing problems are hard to fix if you catch them early on. So, do a thorough walk-through when you first move in and keep your eyes wide open. If you notice any of these issues, contact a local plumber and have them take a look. They can give you a quote for repairs and sometimes even make them on the spot.

Reach out to a plumber in your area for more info.