Noticing Your Energy Bill Climbing In The Past Few Winters? Inspect The Heating System

Spring and summer may be a time that you look forward to because you have low energy bills. Living in an area that does not get outrageously warm during the summer months may mean you do not have an air conditioning system or that you only have to use it on occasion during the hottest days. But, you may be used to spending a decent amount of money throughout wintertime to keep your home comfortable. Read More 

Three Common Contaminants That Can Show Up In Your Well Water

When you're a homeowner with a private well, you have an independent water supply that's not controlled by the municipality, but you also have the responsibilities that come with that perk. You have to keep the well pump in order, keep the area around the well free of any possible sources of contaminants, test the well water regularly for problems, and treat any problems that do surface. Here are three contaminants that commonly occur in well water. Read More 

Want to Charge Higher Rent on Your Rental? Hire a Plumber to Add Convenient Features

Managing a rental for a long time means you will have likely made rent increases over the years, but this typically comes from inflation. It is possible to increase your rent by improving the value of your rental. It is not a straightforward process because there are so many options that you have to choose from. If you want to hire one professional to minimize costs while still being able to increase rent in the end, you can bring a plumber on board and make it a priority to provide new and convenient features to renters. Read More 

4 Dish Washing Tips To Prevent Kitchen Drain Clogs

Doing dishes isn't always the most pleasant of tasks, and it can be made even more unpleasant by a kitchen drain clog. If you remember a few helpful tips while you're washing dishes, however, you can help prevent clogs and the need to contact a drain cleaning service. 1. Scrape Dishes Well First of all, make sure that you scrape all of your dishes really well before washing them, whether you are washing them by hand in the sink or if you are putting them in the dishwasher. Read More 

2 Ways to Find a Home Water Leak

If you have been experiencing unusually high water bills, it may be from leaking water someplace in the house. For the typical homeowner, it can be difficult to find the source of the problem on your own. By following these techniques, you'll be able to identify a potential water leak or, at the very least, eliminate a few common places where one could be. Testing Your Toilet The bathroom toilet is often a cause for excessive water use in a home. Read More