Three Good Reasons To Consult With A Plumber Before Getting A Faucet

These days, when people need something to do with plumbing, they often decide to take it into their own hands. However, there are some issues with this. Not only does the average homeowner often not have the necessary skill and hands-on experience with plumbing to install a new device properly, but they also can often no longer rely on the expertise of hardware store employees, as big box chains have taken over. Read More 

The Differences Between the Two Types of PEX Plumbing

Are you in the process of building a home and need to decide on what kind of plumbing you should use? If so, you may be debating between PEX and copper pipes. While both have their own advantages, PEX has become a popular choice in new construction due to how easy it is to install when the walls are opened up. Not only are the pipes strong and resist bursting in the winter, but there is significantly less labor cost involved to install PEX. Read More 

4 Reasons Your Home’s Water May Stop Working

Most people would find it alarming if they wanted to use the water in their homes and it would not come on. This may prompt checking all plumbing fixtures in an effort to determine if it is an issue in the whole house. Asking neighbors might be another reaction to this phenomenon. Numerous things can contribute to water abruptly stopping. Sometimes homeowners may notice low pressure before finally experiencing a complete water loss. Read More 

Possible Reasons Why You Have Low Water Pressure In Your Home

If you have found that there isn't much water pressure in your home when you turn on your sink or shower, then you might be wondering about the cause of the problem. You will probably find that it's easiest for you to find a solution to the problem if you hire a plumber to help you out. However, you might be curious about some of the possible issues that you might be dealing with. Read More 

What To Expect From A Drain Cleaning Service

If you've never called a plumber to come clean the drains in your home or business, it can be nerve-wracking to do so for the first time. Not only are you scared of what they may find, but you may not be aware of what's all involved and what kind of things you can do to prepare accordingly. Fear not though, because a drain cleaning service is one of the more painless plumbing services you can hire. Read More